~ Planning ~

Dreamcatcher Weddings offers 3 different wedding packages.
If you have any specific questions (for example for customised unique packages-different than below) please do not hesitate to contact us!


Package 1

Wedding Consultant - some advice

If you want to plan your own wedding but have no idea what it all involves and where to start, let us guide you. We offer a helping hand and provide you with suggestions based on your own needs and budget. With connections in the Wedding Industry we can often find products and services for a better price.

So if you only need us to help you get started we can provide you with a checklist and overview of the wedding process in general. We will discuss possible pitfalls and make sure you know WHAT to do, you just have to do it yourself.

Even if you already know exactly what you want but you just need some general advice or specific directions (for example for styling only), please contact us for more info.

Price Starting from $300,-


Package 2

Wedding Planner for a day

There is a lot to consider for a smooth wedding day – As the bride, you can't be in two places at once and things may happen that you can't control or anticipate. With your dedicated wedding day coordinator on hand, we will ensure every detail you have tirelessly planned is executed flawlessly. Just let us know WHAT you planned for your big day and we will make sure everything is set up and runs as planned - this means you don't have to rely on friends or family members to step in as party planners or decorators for the day. 

If you don't have a venue event manager to keep things on track or venues with limited access for prior venue set up, we are here to help! Two 1 hour consultation sessions with the Bride & Groom are included in this package to go over your wedding day and schedule and confirm tasks.

Just a few of our duties:

Before wedding
* Be present at wedding venue 2 hours before the start of Wedding. Set up of ceremony details such as programs, reserved signs and transfer of florals from ceremony to reception if required. Last minute check with wedding suppliers (can also be arranged the day before the wedding, contact us for more information and options).
* Coordinate the ceremony procession line up and music
* Oversee the execution of the décor, styling and floral set up
* Responsible for any set up requirements not looked after by the venue such as place cards, guest book, gift collection, favours, signage.

During wedding
* Work with your musicians and MC to coordinate bridal entrance, speeches, cake cutting and first dance
* Oversee service staff in the food and beverage service and time keeping
* Overall time keeping and main point of contact to all suppliers. For see and troubleshoot any mishaps.

After wedding

* We offer help with cleaning, removal from wedding objects, returning hiring equipment, sending thank you notes or gifts, bringing you to your accommodation.

Please note: this service is only provided if your wedding venue does not provide a wedding planner. So this package is applicable to

Price Starting from $950,-

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Package 3

Complete Wedding Package - starting from scratch

Suitable for the Bride who would like the lowest level of stress, to relax and have your wedding day planned and project managed by an experienced professional.

We will be your point of contact through the entire process, your dedicated planner will become that person in the background who does all the work for you from start to end. There are unlimited consultations and chats to discuss all your wishes. 

With this  package you can save so much time for other things like finding the perfect dress and killer heels. This is already enough to worry about! You can choose to be involved in the decision making as little or as much as you like through out the process. We will do all the work while keeping you informed and in control.

* Research and recommend the most suitable venues and service providers to meet your style, requirements and budget. 

* We are responsible for all your wedding administration, management and budgeting

* We coordinate and attend supplier appointments, field questions, phone calls and emails.

* We will develop a comprehensive logistics plan and running order for the day to be distributed to all relevant suppliers and bridal party members. 

* Present on the day itself to ensure every single step of your wedding day is executed perfectly. 

* On the day, we will oversee all suppliers set up arrangements, proceedings on the day, time keeping, general coordination, and make sure every single step of the wedding is executed perfectly. You can enjoy your wedding day and we will be the main point contact for suppliers and your guests and make sure IF there are any problems: we take care of it!


Price Starting from $2800,-

An Event Coordinator works for the wedding Venue at set hours, a Wedding planner works for you and will leave until you say so