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My business all started when...

I got engaged myself and realised how time consuming Wedding Planning can be!

 Within only 4 months I organised my own wedding and it was because of friends, family and relatives I realised how much of a planner I really am.
They opened my eyes and told me to focus on my strengths and passion. 

In the meantime I started my Wedding & Event Planning Diploma at WeddingInc and supported people organising their weddings
in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. I found my passion!

Planning your own wedding all by yourself while working fulltime and having a social life and a full agenda can be challenging. 

Above all: you are getting married and you should enjoy every second of it! Not only on your wedding day, but you should start enjoying it today, at the beginning of your wedding planning road trip! 

So why not ask me to help you out and let me guide you while we catch up and have a coffee? 

~ Fleur ~